6 Benefits of Strong Threat Protection for Your Business

6 Benefits of Strong Threat Protection for Your Business


Strong threat protection is one of the keys to a successful security strategy. While businesses have been dealing with threats for years, the cybersecurity landscape has constantly evolved and become more complex. Now more than ever, businesses need to be aware of their current risk exposure and take proactive steps to reduce that exposure by implementing strong threat protection solutions.

6 Benefits of Strong Threat Protection for Your Business


There’s no need to buy new hardware or software.

There’s no need to hire new staff.

There’s no need to train staff.

You can continue doing business as usual while your defenses are strengthened and fortified by the best threat protection provider in the industry, so you can rest easy knowing your company will be protected from cyber attacks without having to make any changes whatsoever!

Optimize the performance of your security tools

Threat protection is a security technology that helps you optimize the performance of your existing security tools. Threat protection can do this by detecting and blocking malicious activity, reducing false positives, and enabling faster incident response.

Here are six benefits of threat protection:

  • Improve detection accuracy with minimal false positives – False positives waste time and resources by causing security teams to investigate non-critical alerts when they could be focusing on more important issues instead. Threat protection uses machine learning algorithms to automatically tune your detection rules so that only true threats are flagged for investigation or remediation. This means fewer false alarms for you to deal with as well as improved detection rates overall!
  • Get faster incident response times – Many threat intelligence solutions provide contextual information about what’s happening within an organization at any given moment in time (e.g., user activity). This allows them not only detect threats but also give insight into what may have caused it so that IT teams can respond accordingly based upon context rather than just reacting blindly based solely upon their own experience level alone.”

Gain insight into threats across the organization

Threat intelligence can be a powerful tool for gaining insight into threats across the organization.

You’ll be able to identify and respond to threats more quickly, thereby reducing their impact on your business.

It also gives you insight into what types of malware are being used against your organization, which will help prevent future attacks by making it easier for you to spot malicious activity in real time.

Quickly identify and mitigate vulnerabilities

Vulnerability management is an important part of a comprehensive security strategy. It helps you identify and fix vulnerabilities in your software, hardware, and network infrastructure.

Vulnerabilities are weaknesses that can be exploited by hackers to gain access to your systems and data. Hackers use these vulnerabilities to launch attacks on networks or individual devices so they can steal sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers and login credentials for online accounts such as Gmail or Facebook.

With threat protection from McAfee Endpoint Security for Business (ESB), you’ll get detailed reports about threats in real-time–and see what action needs taken right away based on their severity level–so that IT teams can quickly take steps towards fixing them before they become major problems down the line

Help reduce the overall business impact of an attack

As a business owner, you want to do everything in your power to prevent attacks on your network. But even if you’re able to avoid an attack altogether and never suffer a breach, strong threat protection can still benefit your organization by helping reduce the overall business impact of an attack. That’s because strong threat protection helps reduce the time it takes for detection and response teams within your company to respond when something does go wrong. It also reduces recovery time after an incident occurs–and that means less downtime for customers or employees who use those services (and therefore less cost).

Finally: strong threat protection helps lower costs associated with incident response efforts overall by reducing their frequency in two ways: firstly by catching threats before they can cause damage; secondly by making sure that when threats do get through undetected (as sometimes happens), they’re caught quickly so as not too much data has already been stolen or corrupted by malware infection

Keep data safe and secure, no matter where it resides

Data is the most important asset of any organization. The more data you have, the more valuable it is. And your job as IT manager is to ensure that this data remains safe and secure at all times, no matter where it resides.

If you’re like many businesses today, you have multiple types of devices in use throughout your organization–desktop computers, laptops and tablets; mobile phones; even Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices such as smart thermostats or smart watches–and each one has its own operating system and security architecture that requires protection against malware attacks. In addition to keeping track of these various platforms’ vulnerabilities across each platform’s operating system (OS), there are also additional threats posed by third-party applications running on top of those OSes: If a hacker can get access through one avenue into an OS then he/she might be able to exploit another vulnerability within an application running on top of that OS–creating what we call “chain” attacks where one weak link makes up part of a larger chain that leads down into other areas where critical data resides without being properly protected against unwanted intrusions or access attempts via malicious means such as phishing schemes designed specifically for employees who may unknowingly click links sent over email which could lead them straight into trouble if clicked upon without first asking themselves what exactly they’re clicking on!

Strong threat protection is one of the keys to a successful security strategy.

Strong threat protection is one of the keys to a successful security strategy. It’s important not only because it helps you detect and block malicious activity, but also because it can be used in conjunction with other security tools to provide an integrated defense against cyberattacks.


We know that strong threat protection is one of the keys to a successful security strategy. It can help you prevent breaches and attacks, as well as recover from them faster if they do occur. But it’s not just about safety; strong threat protection can also help optimize the performance of your security tools and gain insight into threats across your organization. With these six benefits in mind, we hope that you feel confident in investing in stronger defenses against cyberthreats!